Tomasz Szczepański

Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji sp. z o.o.

Preparation of trenchless network rehabilitation investments at the pre-tender stage. Necessary step-by-step activities

The authors of the workshop will discuss the successive stages of investment preparation for trenchless rehabilitation of underground networks. They will point out the importance and need for activities at each stage. They will present selected examples of good practice. There will also be examples of the most common mistakes.

  • general principles of network maintenance and management of water and sewage infrastructure – sustainability management
  • identification of operational problems, decision-making on the need for renovation
  • CCTV inspection and preliminary classification of the task and the necessary scope of repair
  • proper analysis of the problem and selection of the implementation path of the task
  • scope and method of obtaining the necessary technical documentation
  • methodology of technology selection
  • preparation of tender documentation
  • determination of requirements to be met by contractors and designers
  • risks of project failure at the execution stage
  • selected elements of acceptance procedures