Tomasz Fischer


Durable and safe: why CIPP drinking water resins must be exceptional

AOC is a global supplier of specialty resins that enable customers to create tough, durable, and versatile products and components for applications in coatings and protective barriers, colorants and visual effects, adhesives and specialty products, and composite resins. With strong worldwide manufacturing and scientific capabilities, the company works closely with customers to provide unparalleled quality, service, and reliability for today and create innovative solutions for tomorrow.

AOC Resins is a leading supplier of styrene-free resins for trenchless CIPP applications. Manufactured by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and under a comprehensive Total Quality Control Management system, AOC boasts an excellent track record in selling high-quality resins for potable water applications.

Beyone series styrene-free resins are used in systems approved for drinking water by the PZH and KIWA. Certification of these resins is accomplished through extensive, multi-day KIWA audits, involving evaluation of the entire chain from raw materials to final product and testing. As a result, the CIPP customer receives standard-approved, high-quality resins with excellent consistency, allowing relining companies to have excellent repeat installations.