Otakar Cigler

Rädlinger primus line GmbH

Business Development Manager Central and Eastern Europe at Rädlinger Primus Line
Trenchless Technology professional with 14 years of experience in sewer and pipeline rehabilitation with various methods.
Graduate from Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Ostrava
Holds authorization and is a member of Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians active in construction.
Authorized technician in specialization of hydrotechnical construction.
Hobbies: Cycling, Treking, Skiing, Reading

Trenchless rehabilitation using Kevlar® reinforced composite lining system

The Primus Line system for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines in the range of DN 150 – DN 500 with various working media (water, wastewater, industrial water, oil, and gas) will be presented during the presentation. The Primus Line system can rehabilitate pipelines through elbows, even over long distances (up to 1,000 meters or more). Typical Primus Line projects will be presented using examples from practice, mainly in the context of rehabilitation:

– transmission pipelines
– siphons (under rivers and linear facilities)
– Pressure pipelines (including sewers)
– Pipes on bridge structures with expansion joints
– Pipelines in seismically active and undermined areas
– Overhead lines
– Pipelines located in manholes, tunnels, and collectors
– Pipelines in industrial areas