Mirosław Cecuga

Sezam Instal sp.j.

BlueLine®. Proven, flawless and safe for the local community CIPP technology. New proposals for the Polish market

Concentrated knowledge, decades of worldwide experience and the vision of Diringer&Schiedel , Pipe Aqua Tec GmbH, RS Technik AG, Applied Felts Ltd have naturally evolved into global trendsetting for the CIPP industry, resulting in elite technologies. Is the water and sewer industry in Poland ready to consciously adopt the best, fully mature and tested solutions with the welfare of its residents in mind ?

The author of the presentation, representing the company Sezam Instal, which has been a representative of the largest and most important global players in the CIPP technology sector on the Polish market for several decades, will present his considerations and resulting proposals for further development in the area of renovation of pressurised water pipes.

The issues of safety and health of people using water pipelines renovated with CIPP technology, reliability and repeatability of installations, the highest standards in the production process and monitoring of liners and resins are just some of the important jigsaw puzzles from which the picture of the Polish reality of CIPP renovation in the drinking water pipeline sector is being pieced together.

The author will try to show why all of the above aspects are critical and why the lack of even one of them, inevitably, as a function of quite a short time , leads to very costly consequences.