Markus Gillar

IKT – Institut für Unterirdische Infrastruktur gGmbH

Project manager at IKT, a German research institute working on practical and underground pipeline issues, conducting research projects, tests, product studies, consultations and seminars.
He studied civil engineering at Ruhr University in Bochum (specializing in water engineering). He has been a researcher at IKT since 2005 and has served as project manager since 2008. His main interest is the rehabilitation and operation of wastewater engineering facilities (manholes, pressurized sewer lines, stormwater basin flow control devices, stormwater basin flow control devices). He conducts research projects and activities in the fields of product testing and comparative research, as well as external monitoring at construction sites.

Rehabilitation of manholes – why, how and with what result?

The agenda will include information to:

  • Installation processes/material overview
  • Results of site investigations
  • Hints for the installation of different methods
  • Results of the IKT product test “Manhole Rehabilitation“
  • Sources of error during rehabilitation
  • Conclusion