Special Attractions


Marcin Daniec’s cabaret

Marcin Daniec’s cabaret is a cabaret and music programme at the highest level.

The programme is based on monologues by Marcin Daniec, who in various incarnations comments on social and political issues.
In addition, the satirist performs several songs.
The satirist is famous for his excellent contact with the audience, and therefore arranges the programme on an ongoing basis, adapting it to the nature of the event and the audience’s sense of humour.

Parachute jump simulator A faster heartbeat guaranteed

Skydiving is an exciting experience. The adrenaline rushes through your body, the blood pulses in your temples, and after landing, the smile of satisfaction doesn’t leave your face for a long time. Thanks to a simulator using virtual reality technology, each of the guests at this year’s Conference will be able to experience the range of sensations that a parachute jump provides.

Virtual reality goggles and a system of fans and elevators make the sensation of freefalling and then gliding under the unzipped canopy deceptively similar to reality. The sensations of wind rush, jump position and touchdown are sure to make your heart beat faster.

People in our industry tend to focus on what’s underground. It’s worth taking to the skies sometimes. Good fun guaranteed.

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Excursion to the Wawel Hill

20 years have passed – like a day!

The participants of our conference were invited to various interesting places in the Małopolska region, but there is only one truth: we always come back to Wawel Castle, as the castle hill never gets boring!

This year we have prepared an unusual programme for you: we will go off the beaten track and look into the carefully guarded nooks and crannies of the Wawel Hill!

A special jubilee is in order – our Wawel Dragon, namely the sculpture by the excellent Małopolska artist Bronisław Chromy, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! We will visit together a unique open-air exhibition of the artist’s sculptural oeuvre in the Royal Gardens
at Wawel.

We will also look into the past – towards the Middle Ages, visiting the exhibition Wawel Lost, with its unique, rich archaeological exposition.

Finally, the daredevils, having climbed 137 stairs, will have the opportunity to admire Krakow and the Vistula bend from the highest point on the Wawel Hill – the Sandomierz Tower. Visiting the towers is a treat for tourists! The building is only open to the public at certain times of the year.

A walk through the Arcadian Courtyard – this is a fixed point on the agenda for all visitors to Wawel Hill and the perfect culmination of the day. Lose yourself for a moment in the silence of the courtyard, visit Wawel Cathedral and remember your visit to the royal city of Krakow as long and as well as possible!