AARSLEFF sp. z o.o.

Aarsleff sp. z o.o. is a company belonging to the Per Aarsleff group with headquarters in Denmark. It has been operating on the Polish market since 1996. The company is undoubtedly a leader in the field of precast piles technology, and at


AQUAREN specializes in the field of the trenchless renovation of the water and sewage objects using the innovative composite materials like thin-walled panels Aquaren Panel System (APS), laminating or construction chemicals. The company provides services in the field of renovating the pipelines

HEADS sp. z o.o.

HEADS sp. z o.o. since 1997 r. supports and widely promotes the growth of trenchless technologies in Poland. The company has gained the position of one of the market’s leaders in the field of HDD and microtunneling. HEADS is the supplier of