Technology shows

Show 1: BLEJKAN S.A. - Sealing the connections – today and in the past

pokaz tresc

During the show it will be explained how the sealing of the connections methods have changed over the last few years and how the pipe spot repair systems were extended by one of the most modern solutions, based on UV radiation.
There will be also presented an overview of the methods of sealing with polyester and fiberglass cap-shaped fittings, alongside with the pipe spot repair systems that include a usage of a short sleeve.

Show 2: Aquaren and Kraso-Tech - Innovative LED BLUELIGHT channel and connections renovation system


During the show a combination of two innovative renovation technologies will be presented: Aquaren Panel System (APS) and BlueLight technology. Renovation is trenchless and it requires no environmental disturbance, moreover it is highly effective and easily executed.

Show 3: Gamm-Bud sp. z o.o. - A tightness measurement of a short pipe DN150


During the presentation covering the theoretical and practical aspects of sewerage tightness measurements, there will be a tightness measurement of a short pipe DN150 performed. By this show the speaker aims to present how simple and fast this operation is.

Show 4: Heads sp. z o.o. representative of Scandinavian No-Dig Centre A/S company in Poland - Trenchless pipeline replacement with Scandinawian No-Dig Center, Mini-T model


During the show, the trenchless pipeline exchange will be presented. Scandinawian No-Dig Center model Mini-T, that allows completely trenchless execution, will be used. This machine is installed in the existing chamber, therefore there is no need for additional excavation.

Show 5: 3M Poland sp. z o.o. - Safe work in the closed spaces


Safe work in closed and limited spaces - a proper use of tripods and davits demonstration, various winch uses and the principles of the effective fall protection.
Increased hazard awareness leads to greater safety of the workers.