G眉nter Kruse

Günter Kruse

Record crossing in HDD technology
In spring 2017 LMR Drilling GmbH has executed the record crossing in HDD technology. Drilling operations lasted for 20 days; in this period of time a 4600 m crossing was drilled. Crossings of even greater distances will be feasible in future. The feasibility to implement such works will always depend on three aspects: soil conditions, the contractor and the contract agreed between the client and the contractor.

Günter Kruse, LMR Drilling GhmH   
He has a M.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering. Currently Head of Engineering Department for LMR Drilling GmbH, a company that he is tied to since 1993. As of beginning of employment with he has been responsible for all projects with regard to Technical Management and Engineering. Previously in his professional career he had a position of, among other, Directional Drilling and Surveying Coordinator and Surveying Superintendent.