Gunter Kaltenh盲user

Gunter Kaltenhäuser

Renovation of large profiles - system solution

The successful project of reference to the approval of DIBt will be discussed. It concerns on Alphaliner DN1500 liner installation (wall thickness of 15 mm) using the new REE4000 UV curing technology.
The UV cured liners will be used in the future frequently also in very large dimensions pipes. A few years ago diameters above DN1200 were reckoned as the upper limit for this renovation technology. Today producers offer size to DN1500 and above.
The RELINEEUROPE company, systems supplier, developed the concept of the large diameters pipes renovation. In the future, will produce liners in diameters up to DN1800.

Gunter Kaltenhäuser, RELINEEUROPE
1994-2001 civil engineer university Bochum: specialized in waste water and pipe/sewer rehabilitation
2001-2007 IKT - Institute for Underground Infrastructure, Gelsenkirchen: research, tests, consulting all around pipe/sewer rehabilitation
2007-2014 MC-Bauchemie, Bottrop, world leading company in construction chemicals/ protection technologies: Sales manager Europe, department for the rehabilitation of underground infrastructures
April 2014 RELINEEUROPE AG, Rohrbach, world leading company in UV-CIPP and UV-technology for the rehabilitation of pipe/sewer systems: Managing director sales and marketing