TYTAN Awards


The unique to the European scale prize TYTAN, granted by magazine "In┼╝ynieria Bezwykopowa" [Trenchless Engineering] as well as by votes of the Jury, goes each year to specially distinguishing companies within the trenchless technology discipline, not only from Poland but from the whole Europe.

Domestic companies win the prize since 2003, in the following categories: design of the year – new installation; design of the year – renovation; small trenchless design, product of the year; company of the year and companies from Europe can be the winners since 2004 in the category "European project within the trenchless technologies". This especially important category for the European companies has been created in order to appreciate achievements of the companies, thus popularize the operations and development within the trenchless technology.
It is an honour for us that this prize is also recognized outside Poland. This is manifested by the presence at the annual prize awards of the representatives of nominated companies from abroad.

It is worth to mention that the nominated projects are evaluated by the Jury consisting of independent, remarkable professionals representing technical universities as well as trade associations, which fact also speaks for uniqueness of this trophy.

The prizes are awarded at the Gala during the annual International Conference, Exhibition and Technology Shows Trenchless ENGINEERING.

Principles of the prize awarding
Each year, winners in individual categories are selected among the companies nominated to the prize by the magazine “In┼╝ynieria Bezwykopowa” [Trenchless Engineering]. They are emerged by voting of the Jury consisting of specialists from the best Polish universities and trade associations as well as of representation of the two-monthly magazine. The Jury has a point pool at the disposal: 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 that is distributed among five nominated companies in each category. Companies having the most points win.

The winners has been announced on 15th June 2016 during the Gala Dinner in course of the 14th International Conference, Exhibition and Technology Shows Trenchless ENGINEERING 2016.


  • Dr in┼╝. Andrzej Kolonko - Wroc┼éaw University of Technology
  • Mgr in┼╝. Pawe┼é Ko┼Ťmider - „Trenchless Engineering” magazine
  • Prof. dr hab. in┼╝. Marian Kwietniewski - Warsaw University of Technology
  • Prof. dr hab. in┼╝. Cezary Madryas - Vice-Rector of Wroc┼éaw University of Technology, Chairman of the Polish Association for Trenchless Technologies
  • Dr in┼╝. Florian Piechurski - Silesian University of Technology
  • Dr in┼╝. Teresa Nowak - University of Zielona Góra
  • Dr in┼╝. Karol Ry┼╝ - Cracow University of Technology
  • Dr hab. in┼╝. Adam Wysokowski - University of Zielona Góra
  • Dr in┼╝. Dariusz Zwierzchowski - Higher Engineering School of Work Safety and Organization in Radom (WISBIOP)


Nominations for TYTAN 2016 Awards:

Project of the Year – new installation:

  • Consortium of companies: Hoster sp. z o.o. and ZRB Janicki - Mot┼éawa river passage in Gda┼äsk – performance of two parallel bores      39 points;
    This project is the first case in Europe in which four Brugg Flexwell 315 mm steel pipelines were installed in a single bore. Distance between bores is 5 m. Bore diameter is 42'', and its installation depth equals up to 22 m.
    Investor: Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej sp. z o.o.
    Realization period: September – October 2015
  • Consortium of companies: MOLEWSKI sp. z o.o.; INVEST DEVELOPMENT sp. z o.o. – construction of sewage relief interceptor in  ┼╗aga┼ä        26 points;
    The purpose of investment was to improve functioning of sewage system on the left river bank side of ┼╗aga┼ä and increase safety in case of heavy rainfall. Interceptor was designed and produced from E (GRP) type glass fiber pipelines with the diameter of DN1200. Interceptor’s length is 811 mb, and 567 mb (the longest single drilling – 221 mb) was made with microtunneling method, and 244 mb in the open trench.
    Investor: ┼╗aga┼äskie Wodoci─ůgi i Kanalizacje sp. z o.o.
    Realization period: 11 March 2015 – 4 December 2015.
  • Consortium of companies: Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Wielobran┼╝owe ELGRUNT Marian Mielewczyk, Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Robót In┼╝ynieryjnych INKOP sp. z o.o. – reconstruction of sanitary interceptor Zaro┼Ťlak in Gda┼äsk       36 points;
    The scope of works included construction of interceptor by microtunneling method from Kist1 well located in the region of bridge over Radunia canal from Trakt ┼Üw. Wojciecha Street to Zaro┼Ťlak Street to K16 well located in the region of Podmiejska Street. All microtunneling works were performed by INKOP. Interceptor of DN1000 diameter was designed from concrete microtunneling pipes. Its external diameter was 1280 mm, and total length – 1526 m.
    Investor: Gda┼äska Infrastruktura Wodoci─ůgowo-Kanalizacyjna sp. z o.o.
    Realization period: March 2015 - January 2016.
  • Nawitel Sp. z o.o, Sp. k. - reconstruction of a section of double-track overhead line 220 kV Morzyczyn–Police to cable line      24 points;
    Two drillings under Odra river in Szczecin were made in the technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling. As a result, four RHDPEp casing pipes for power cables of 250 mm diameter each and one RHDPEp casing pipe for fiber optic cable of 160 mm diameter were installed. Reconstruction of power line resulted in liquidation of limitations in sea transport of large cargos.
    Investor: Polskie Sieci Energetyczne S.A.
    Realization period: 6 October 2015 – 20 January 2016
  • ZRB Janicki i KB Pomorze sp. z o.o. – performance of two drillings: of 1066 m length and installation of DN300 stainless steel pipe and of 222 m length and installation of DN500 pipe     37 points;
    Works were connected to construction of Railway Unloading Front of Aviation Fuel (Kolejowy Front Rozładunkowy Paliwa Lotniczego) for Warsaw Okęcie Airport. The first drilling was made parallel to S79 route (under airport) over the length of 1066 m and DN300 stainless steel pipe was installed. The second drilling was made over the length of 222 and DN500 pipeline was installed. Both pipes had to be connected in a chamber in which 90 degrees bend was installed.
    Investor: Polskie Porty Lotnicze S.A. Warszawa
    Realization period: March – April 2016.

Project of the Year – renovation:

  • BLEJKAN S.A. – trenchless modernization of interceptor from Rollego Street to Stoczniowców Street in Cracow     59 points;
    Trenchless modernization of interceptor running along the right bank of Wis┼éa river from Wilga river mouth to Wis┼éa at Rollego Street to the dam in D─ůbie at Stoczniowców Street. 2700 m of interceptor was renovated by GRPanel relining with the dimensions of 1500/2250 - 3000/2350 and 70 m of 3000/2350 interceptor of basalt panels. Basalt technology was also used for modernization of three pumping stations. Other wells and stations at the distance of interceptor were renovated with chemical resistant mineral coatings.
    Investor: MPWiK Kraków S.A.
    Realization period: April 2014 – December 2015.
  • Consortium of companies: WUPRIN┼╗ S.A.; PPRiUS REMKAN sp z o.o. – renovation of Junikowski DN1400 interceptor from Czechos┼éowacka Street to Hetma┼äska Street in Pozna┼ä      35 points;
    Approx. 1600 mb of length was renovated and new fiber optic cable was installed and sewage system equipment was reconstructed and liquidated according to the project documentation. Works were done on an active interceptor with temporary sewage pumping.
    Investor: AQUANET S.A.
    Realization period: 01 August 2015 – 20 December 2015.
  • TERLAN sp z o.o. – renovation of sanitary sewage system and water supply network at D─ůbrowskiego Street in Pozna┼ä       41 points;
    Contract concerned renovation of sanitary sewage system and water supply network at D─ůbrowskiego Street in Pozna┼ä. It was performed with the use of 12 trenchless technologies individually selected for the investor’s needs and with regard to field and technical features.
    Investor: AQUANET S.A.
    Realization period: 10 March 2015 – 17 November 2015.

European project in trenchless technologies:

  • Horizontal Drilling International – performance of two HDD parallel drillings of 1500 m length on the premises of airport in Paris       41 points;
    Two HDD parallel drillings of 508 mm (20’’) diameter and 1500 m length each were performed on the premises of Charles de Gaulle Airport in depth of 35 m under runways. These are the longest horizontal bores ever made in this country. Works concerning performance of drillings and installation of cables for energy distribution were ordered by RTE in the half of 2015. After three-month preparation and development of a design project, works on the construction site were commenced in November 2015 and completed in 2016.
  • Consortium of companies: In┼╝ynieria Rzeszów S.A. (leader); Besta Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Budowlane sp. z o.o.; Sack Invent Poland sp. z o.o.; Abikorp Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Robót In┼╝ynieryjnych sp. z o.o. – construction of Burakowski BIS interceptor in Warsaw       56 points;
    Construction of Burakowski BIS interceptor is the biggest microtunneling project from GRP pipes, regarding a diameter, in Poland and in the world. External diameter was 3270 mm, and a total length equaled 3200 m. Drilling was made over a curve. Interceptor was made from GRP (Hobas) pipes. Abikorp was responsible for microtunneling works.
    Investor: MPWiK w m. st. Warszawa S.A.
    Realization period: March 2014 - February 2015.
  • LMR Drilling – HDD of 677 m length under branch of de Hano canal in Cicero in Spain      29 points;
    For Ria Escalante project HDD was made at the length of 677 m and of diameter of 1118 mm (44"") under branch of de Hano canal in Cicero in Spain. It was made for installation of steel DN800 pipeline. Drilling was made in different geological conditions – limestone, sand and clay were found on the route of the drilling. Works were performed in November 2015 upon the request of the Spanish water management company.
  • Visser & Smit Hanab – two parallel HDD drillings of 220 m length under Spree river in Germany      27 points;
    Two parallel HDD drillings of 220 m length each under Spree river in Germany were performed. Drainage HDPE pipes were installed in bores: first one with the diameter of 1400 mm (56 ""), and the second one – of 1200 mm (48""). Drilling bores diameters were 1778 mm (70’’) and 1524 mm (60’’). Drilling mainly in sandy and gravel grounds was made in depth of 6 m below the river bed. Works were performed from 9 to 22 March 2016 upon the request of TrappInfra Rohrbau Welzow GmbH performing tasks for Vattenfall Mining Europe AG.

Mały projekt bezwykopowy:

  • Blejkan S.A.- renovation of sanitary sewage system on the site of Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A. and on the length at Sowi┼äskiego Street in Gliwice      30 points;
    The following works were made according to the contract: cleaning, inspection of TV and trenchless renovation of sanitary sewage system in the technology of PVC-U DN250 tightly fit lining in the amount of 41.00 mb; cleaning, inspection of TV and trenchless renovation of sanitary sewage system in the technology of fiber glass UV-curing lining (DN200 in the amount of 201.00 mb; DN250 in the amount of 53.00 mb); connections sealing with cap-shape fitting (5 pcs.) and renovation of sewage wells with construction chemicals (20 pcs.). Contract was made on the site of the closed industrial plant.
    Investor: Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A., Gliwice
    Realization period: 11 December 2014 – 30 January 2015.
  • MZPS Przewierty Mariusz Z─Öbko – performance of two parallel HDD drillings on the site of the Poland’s largest pumped water storage plant ┼╗arnowiec       30 points;
    Construction of WN 110kV double-track line with the length of 38 km that connects  wind farm Lotnisko with 400/110 kV ┼╗arnowiec station. Diameter of each bore whose axes were put away from each other in 2 m was 630 mm, lengths of drilling sections equaled from 40 to 300 m. 4xRHDPEø200 SDR 11+1xRHDPEø110 SDR 11 pipes were installed in each of them. Depths of bores were from 2.5 m to 4 m from the area of land, and in case of drillings under rivers and underflows the minimal values increased as distance under the bed had to be kept. Works were completed at the end of August 2015.
    Investor: PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.
    Realization period: March – August 2015.
  • Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Robót In┼╝ynieryjnych INKOP sp. z o.o. – reconstruction of sewage network DN1200 in the area of PKP Tarnów-Mo┼Ťcice railway station      43 points;
    Works included performance of sewage system of DN1200 reinforced concrete pipes with the external diameter of 1490 mm, from Ks1 chamber to Ks1.3 chamber. Canal with the total length of 67 m was made with microtunneling method. Route of the pipeline run below railway embankment with the height of approx. 2 m. Four active rail tracts on which trains, including Pendolino, were passing were located on the embankment. Canal was set in depth of approx. 3 m.
    Investor: Tarnowskie Wodoci─ůgi sp. z o.o.
    Realization period: September-December 2015.
  • TERLAN sp. z o.o. – renovation of water main made of DN300 steel pipe with the method of polyurea coating centrifugal spraying      50 points;
    Water main made of DN300 steel pipe located underneath the crossing of Inflancka and Kurlandzka Streets in Poznań was renovated. Poor condition of pipeline was observed during on-site verification and thickness measurements. Numerous metallic sludges and moulds decreased diameter and worsened the quality of supplied water. For this investment the method of polyurea coating centrifugal spraying of 3M Schotchkote 2400 was used. This method improves the construction of a pipe, removes any leakages, but does not plug connections.
    Investor: AQUANET S.A.
    Realization period: 10 July – 25 August 2015.

Produkt Roku:

  • 3M™ Scotchkote 2400, fast curing polyurea coating used for trenchless renovation of water supply network - 3M Poland sp. z o.o.      22 points;
    Fast curing polyurea coating improves the quality of water as it prevents from creation of corrosion inlays; repairs any cracks and leakages, improves load capacity of pipe construction; restores and maintains flow as it prevents from internal corrosion; minimizes communication problems and costs resulting from occupation of road way; product is applied in a form of spray.
  • GRPanel - Marplast sp. z o.o.       35 points;
    Panel for trenchless renovation of sewage system with the round and non-round shapes is completely laminated, without connections. It is light, resistant, scrub resistant and easy to install. Unique connection in seal system is a real advantage for such untypical shape. It was successfully used in Cracow for trenchless renovation of water and sewage networks.
  • GrundoDRILL 18ACS - The King of Rock - DTA-TECHNIK sp. z o.o. TRACTO-TECHNIK in Poland      19 points;
    GRUNDODRILL 18ACS is the newest drilling rig from TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG Germany. This drilling rig is of the highest technical level. The manufacturer’s purpose was to build a machine appropriate for regular conditions and hard rocks. It is dedicated for special tasks and it ensures reduction of costs and time of works compering to any other known systems on the market.
  • Vipliner jacking module of drainage type VL-PD L= 1m with slots perpendicular to module’s axis - Uponor Infra sp. z o.o.       40 points;
    VipLiner modules of drainage type are made of solid wall PE pipes of smooth internal and external surface. Thanks to their resistance parameters and special technique and geometry of slots of outer jacket, these modules can be used for trenchless drainage of falling of groundwater levels. Drainage VipLiner module with the length of 100 cm has slots made by precise cuts of water under high pressure.
  • Repair system for sewage pipes of Alphaliner sleeve and equipment for UV REE 4000 hardening - RELINEEUROPE AG (representative in Poland: Gamm-Bud sp. z o.o.)      21 points;
    Repair system for sewage pipes of Alphaliner renovation sleeves of fiber glass saturated with polyester or vinylester resin and equipment for (UV) REE 4000 sleeve hardening. This year the scope of diameters of repaired canals was increased to DN1800. Thanks to new solutions, the maximum power of hardening equipment was increased to 4000 W, which allows hardening large diameters with high speeds.
  • HDD electric drilling rig of maxi class (Full E-Drive Maxi HDD Rig) - Normag b.v. (representative in Poland: Robert Osikowicz Engineering)        25 points;
    The only product of this type available on the European market. Since 2015, it has been property of the Polish drilling company. Key technical parameters: total installed capacity: 980 kW; towing capacity: 3000 kN; torque: 160 kNm; spindle speed: 85 rpm; twisting/rotational moment: 200 kNm; contact pressure in jaws: 1200 kN; max. speed of a truck: 40 m/min; weight: 43 t.