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Jan Krasowski

Jan Krasowski

1. State of the art solutions in terms of equipment and materials used for waterworks CIPP renovation

Both in Poland and in other European countries, more and more water supply pipelines require renovation. The aim of choosing one renovation method over another is to ensure the safety of construction and provide the smooth delivery of water to customers while maintaining required quality and appropriate pressure. One of the more and more frequently used water pipe renovation technology is CIPP. In his speech, the author will present the latest solutions in the field of devices and materials used for performing CIPP renovations.

2. Implementation of UV-LED „Bluelight” technology in renovation of connections and sewers up to DN300

One of the major problems encountered in connections’ renovation is the necessity of closing them for operation during the renovation works. An additional problem is also the lack of manholes placed between the sewer and the sewer system of the building. The author, in his speech, will discuss the solution that may help in the elimination of those problems: the "Bluelight" technology.

Jan Krasowski, KrasoTech GmbH