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Paweł Kośmider

Paweł Kośmider

DISCUSSION PANEL: Quality control of the CIPP renovation projects in terms of achieving the expected durability and rationality of the investment. Standard requirements, practice, common problems on the building site, model solutions.

Main issuess:
- the features Of CIPP;
- the CIPP rehabilitation study preparation;
- the standard requirements for CIPP technology;
- sampling linners, evaluation;
- test standards and their technical conditions;
- assessment of the linner installation in the pipe on the grounds of TV inspection;
- what and how you can explore in the field of mechanical and utility parameters?
- description of a typical "domestic" CIPPproject;
- description of model solutions for CIPP technology quality control;
- examples of "recommended" specifications records.

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Moderator: Paweł Kośmider, Wydawnictwo INŻYNIERIA sp. z o.o.