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Michał Andrzejewski

Michał Andrzejewski

PAPER 1.: Sewerage rehabilitation with UV-cured lining. Equipment evolution in the last decade

The recent decade has seen an intense progress in the development of the equipment for installation of UV-cured lining materials. It is also in line with the expectations of customers and investors who are increasingly turning to this technology. In 2006, the largest diameters of UF-cured sleeves offered by suppliers as a standard were up to 1,200 mm,while now installations of 1,800 mm in diameter are known. What else has changed in the recent years?

PAPER 2.: Repair of drainage wells using the UV light-cured linners

Michał Andrzejewski, Gamm-Bud. sp. z o.o.
He graduated from the Szczecin University of Technology, Department of Economics and Transport. Since 1986 he runs his own company, and since 1992 he is a board director of the Gamm-Bud sp. z o. o. company. The company is engaged in delivery of equipment and technologies for water, sewerage and telecommunications sector. He is the author of over 50 publications, co-author of the book. In addition, he is a constructor.