An integral part of the Conference will be the biggest exhibition (free entrance) of the equipment and devices used in trenchless construction, networks rehabilitation and other elements connected with this subjects. The exhibition will give the opportunity not only to see specialized showpieces, but also to get a professional opinion on the practical aspect of the equipment.
Direct contact with the producers and suppliers of the equipment, technologies and variety of services in one place is a chance to improve the quality of the business.
Among the exhibits you will find the machines and devices used in such works as: microtunneling; jacking; cracking; directional drilling; drilling equipment, systems for the preparation, conditioning and phase separation in drilling uids; pumps; devices for clearing, inspection and locating the networks; renovation systems of networks and wells; pipes; welders; wires; power generator units; compressors; winches; software etc.

Look at the outside exhibition plan

wystawa zewnetrzna en

Look at the inside exhibition plan

 wystawa wewnetrzna en

This year at the companies stands will be seen such machines, devices and exhibits as:

Amiantit Poland sp. z o.o.  amiantit small
• jacking pipe AMICJACK 1280 CC GRP
• jacking pipe FLOWTITE DN850 CFW GRP
• sliplining pipe FLOWTITE DN1050 CFW GRP

Aquaren i Kraso-Tech  aquaren krasotech
• a well, renovated using the APS Aquaren panels
• the channels and connections LED curable liner renovation kit
• steam and hot water curable liner mobile renovation kit

DTA-TECHNIK sp. z o.o.  DTA
• drilling rig GRUNDODRILL 15 XP
• pipe jacking equipment

HABA-Beton Johann Bartlechner sp. z o.o.  l haba beton
• jacking pipe DN1000

HEADS sp. z o.o. / TORO  l Toro
• drilling rig HDD TORO DD2024
• Scandinavian No-Dig Centre Static Pipeburster T47
• drilling fluids treatment system RU300M

Inter Global sp. z o.o.  interglobal
• Multifunctional vehicle for water and sewage industry with pipeline inspection system and spot repairs, milling robot and leak location corelator. There is Ibos, Prokasro and FAST equipment mounted
• Lampe's packers and pipe blocking plugs
• Heads and hoses for hydrodynamic pipe cleaning
• Technology/CIPP rehabilitation equipment (Prokasro, Impreg)
• Vehicles for hydrodynamic pipe cleaning and Cappellotto's pressure excavators

JL Maskiner w Polsce sp. z o.o.  l JLM
• horizontal directional drilling rig JT10 with the Air Hammer – PREMIERE!
• drilling rig JT40 – PREMIERE!
• the old drilling rig 440 Jet Track
• multifunctional Zahn machine
• C16X walk-behind trencher
• two-wheeled trencher C99

Retel  logo retel
• Quick Lock trenchless renovations
• well scanning systems by Kepso
• inspection TV cameras by IPEK

ROE/Colli Equipment S.p.A./Normag  roe
• NORMAG Mini-Decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids
• Compact Drilling Fluid Separtation System NORMAG NRC 750

Are you interested in participating in the exhibition? Contact us - phone: +48 660 288 299, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.